Lake View Cottages

lake view cottage magenta resort

Lakeview Cottages

Our lake view cottages are equipped with all modern amenities to meet the requirements of our discerning guests. They offer an unrivaled view of the lake and also feature a separate living room, attached bedroom, and washrooms.

Uniquely peaceful beautifully restful.

Enjoy the dandeli’s beautiful and relaxing forest greenery, At our Luxurious Lake view cottages. Equipped with all modern amenities and safety features. A perfect place in dandeli to take a brake from your daily busy life and feel relaxed within the nature like never before.

At magenta resort you can enjoy lot of activities and make your trip relaxing yet adventurous. We offer kayaking, river drafting, zipline, forest walk, birds watching, swimming, and much more to enjoy.

Welcome to Magenta resort dandeli.

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Uniquely peaceful beautifully restful.

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