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Magenta Resort philosophy has been to stay true to the spirit with new era of hospitality and providing high-quality services.

Dandeli to know is the real beauty of nature, you may have visited my scenic spots, but not the one like Dandeli. This is known and noted in the maps because of its dense forest. The only river in India without any dispute, which is born in the same district that is Karwar District & joined the sea in the same district that river known for its greatness is the river Kali. Dandeli known for ideal forest vacation destination.

It is preferred to visit Dandeli in summer season as it involves many sport activities happening there like white water rafting but in Monsoon if you visit, you might miss most of the water activities.The population of Dandeli was only 515 and predominantly worked in the forestry department and government saw mill. Most residents belonged to the Konkanis, Devali, Marathas, Kuruba, Lambani, Negro, and Muslim communities.

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Places to visit  and distance from Dandeli

Kavala Caves 20.0kms
Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary 4.0kms
Shiroli Peak 32.0kms
Kulgi Nature Camp 12.0kms
Molangi Falls 7.5kms
Syntheri Rocks 32.0kms
Sykes Point 24kms
Crocodile Park 5.0kms
Dudhsagar Waterfalls 70.0kms
Supa Dam 24.0kms
Black Water 16kms

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Dandeli has been best holiday spot in North Karnakata for the years. Specially for the people who like to have the most adventurous outdoor activities zipline and river crossing and water sports like kayaking and river rafting. People throughout world who has the craze of river rafting visits Dandeli at least once in their life time. Dandeli is growing day by day in hospitality industry and Magenta Resort is on top of it. There is very good location around Dandeli like Kavala Caves, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Shiroli Peak, Kulgi Nature Camp, Molangi Falls, Syntheri Rocks, Sykes Point, Crocodile Park, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Supa Dam and Black Water are few to mention.