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Nature Walk

Nature Walk early in the morning after the day full of activities. The Nature Walk will remove the stress and you will get the much need the relief and peace.As far as relaxing goes, you can get started on a nature walk just taking note of the sounds that surround you. Listen to the different bird sounds, the wind sound and how it may change in different areas you may walk. Listen to the sound of small water trickles or larger streams and brooks. Listen for different wildlife sounds.

The purpose of a nature walk at this point for adults is to train your brain to relax and stop thinking about your daily life problems. This isn’t a race, you can move along slowly and take in the sounds you notice.

During this session you will be able to spot the beautiful birds like Hornbill, Blyths Starling, Lesser Yellow Naped Woodpecker, Puff Throated Babbler and Tickels Blue Flycatcher are few to name.

The list is long you can get it over here. Come lets go to nature walk dandeli.

nature walk dandeli

Nature Walk Images